The unexpected bed! 😮

A couple of days ago, Amarilis and I headed (from Abu Dhabi) to Dubai to get in a fun adventure that we had planned as our one, main tourist fling before leaving the Emirates.

We needed to be in Dubai bright and early on Thursday morning (6th) so we could meet our goal. So we planned to head up there the day before. The only problem was not having a hotel or lodging planned. We left Abu Dhabi at peace that the Lord would work it all out and we would have a place to stay.

Meanwhile, a dear “old” friend from our Kansas City days saw from Facebook that we were in the Emirates and he asked if we could meet up. Years ago he took a course I helped craft in a big church in that city. Now he was here!

We had some time and so Ami and I planned to go a little earlier on Wednesday to Dubai so we could meet with him. What turned out to be a “casual” appointment was one divinely appointed as a mutual blessing for him and for us. I cannot go into all the details here, but we were stunned hearing of the works of God he was describing to us. Both Ami and I were deeply refreshed and blessed by this ‘chance’ meeting!

However, the blessing did not stop there - the reason for this wee blog piece - because as we talked later than planned, and we still had no lodging fixed for the night, it was absolutely amazing when our friend took us to a place where he had connections and turned around and blessed us with a free night in a nice hotel with fabulous buffet breakfast the following morning. And the ‘room’ was huge - like a mini flat with sitting room, desk, dining-table, full kitchen and massive bathroom! Stunning.

What a delightful way to end our time in this country! And not only that. We managed to squeeze in seeing another “old” friend and his entire family (who had arrived at 2am that same day!). We met over lunch just before we hurried off back to Abu Dhabi to finish up our work here yesterday.