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The beds we’ve known

With our global work, we have stayed in some unusual and also exotic places. You can catch a glimpse of those here, if it tickles your fancy!


A window on our world

With all that globe-trotting we have also experienced some incredible sights. These might satisfy your curiosity …



At times that word might be a stretch and too fine to describe what has passed through our lips, but I am sure you will enjoy the stories about that here …


Upcoming Events

Training events in Guatemala

Training events in Guatemala

STS Training events in Guatemala
13th - 27th August 2019

Working with a team of local believers whom we are raising to be trainers in their nation, we expect to be overseeing an STS workshop and an advanced training course in the month of August

Pit stop in the Californian desert

Pit stop in the Californian desert

Bryan to California
27th August to 5th September 2019

Catching up with colleagues, doing administration from the summer Latin American trips and getting ready for the move to Africa

Dominican beach at sunrise ( Photo by Joe deSousa )

Dominican beach at sunrise (Photo by Joe deSousa)

Amarilis to Dominican Republic
28th August to 3rd September 2019

Amarilis getting some time with her Mum and sisters in her homeland


Getting some time with our girls
6th September to 15th December 2019

Some time with Ale and Jess

Hitching a ride in Ethiopia

Hitching a ride in Ethiopia

STS Ministry in Ethiopia
15th September to 15th December 2019

Studying, documenting and serving a move of God in Ethiopia

The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry

Christmas in Ireland
16th-27th December 2019

Christmas break as a family in the Irish Republic