Our story in brief


Bryan was born of British parents in Germany (last century!) and Amarilis was born in the Dominican Republic.

Both have a desire to bring the Story of God to the places where Jesus is not known, or known least, and have given their lives to “teaching people to tell stories that change lives”.

They met in the Dominican Republic in the 80s, where Bryan was leading a team with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and soon after fell in love.

Ever since being married in 1990 they have been serving together to tell God’s Story in the nations.

Together they have been telling Bible stories and discussing them with people of all ages

and backgrounds in the deserts, jungles, cities and rural areas of the world. Have a look at some of the pictures in our gallery to see some of those places where they’ve been and people they have met.

Recently Bryan and Amarilis left their home in the U.K. to be permanently in the nations running training events and storytelling globally. No longer using the U.K. as a home base, they are following a call to live on site in the nations to raise nationals who will be equipped to also tell God’s Story and train others.

The blog and the beds we’ve known are two areas on this site where you can learn about their adventures as they move from place to place training others and living in various circumstances …
not quite homeless!