How did this just happen?

As we had to return north after our break to grab heavier luggage and abandon the holiday bags, I was doing some sums and wondered if we could travel cheaper than a return (roundtrip) bus ticket. Having to be met at the bus station and dropped back again about 2 hours later was another factor to consider.

To my delight I found we could rent a wee car with enough space for our carry-ons and it would work out cheaper! I reserved it and on Sunday, when we came in from our holiday, I approached the hire car desk and deposited a wee card I had been given free a couple of years ago.

Imagine, my absolute surprise (and further delight!), after the hire car woman saw my (free) membership card (with the grand name of “President’s Club” on it) and promptly plonked a set of keys on the desk and said, “We went ahead and gave you a Qashqai!

So, at no extra cost, Ami and I had a grand trip up North and back down again the same evening and thoroughly enjoyed and praised the Lord for the extra rest that came from a spacious, new ‘drive’ (pictured above).