When you feel the love!

On Saturday we turned the key in the lock in our Waringstown home in Murray Wood and reluctantly had to pull away at speed to be able to make our own farewell party at church. Savouring the moment, bringing closure and taking a pause, after our last night in our home of eleven years, was not an option there and then.

As with the amazing commissioning service the following morning at church, our dear Lisburn Christian Fellowship family really turned on the showers of support and creative love to bring us an evening of fun and honour that made us feel deeply humbled (and mightily spoiled πŸ˜„) by all the attention. The tears of many and the expressions of appreciation for Ami and me poured forth upon us and we were quite stunned by it all.

Still, our first night in a home that is not ours could have been quite strange and emotional. Imagine our joy and amazement as we opened the door to the room that would be ours for the next two nights to see the above scene. Front and centre was a message (β€œHome”) that was poignantly relevant to us. Yes, we felt at home on our first night without our own home.

The adventure has begun!