10 Days to Go!

My wife and have been absolutely dragging these past couple of days. The cumulative result of weeks of slogging away at the piles and little rest.

So it was absolutely fabulous having our church bless us with volunteer help for the greater part of the day, as we cleared stuff to the dump (with the help of a Smyth Patterson van owned by one of our church folk). With all the cleaning, polishing and vacuuming going on, Ami and I found new strength, and were so thrilled and encouraged by the support of “the troops”, young and not so young all pitching in to our aid!

We now have our luggage all packed in three suitcases, two ‘carry-ons’ and a couple of backpacks. But more about that later.

Entering our last week in our home tomorrow, we are still surrounded by mountains of paperwork to be scanned and a fair stack of work before us yet! Trusting the Lord will help us finish all and on time on 30th April, when we hand in the house keys to the landlord and drive our West for the beginning of a break together.

Bryan ThompsonComment